Trademark search using IPLIB

Trademark searching is to search the NOIP’s trademark database to see if there are any registrations or applications similar to your mark in the same classes of goods/services or relating classes of goods/services.


Why a trademark search?


Trademark search in Vietnam – It is not compulsory to conduct trademark search before official filing the trademark application into NOIP. However, according to our experience, it is highly recommended that you should do so since this will saved your time and money.

It is noted that the result of trademark search should be considered as a reference data. The reason is that the NOIP’s databases just show the applications already accepted as a valid applications and do not cover the international trademark applications which has not been designated to Vietnam through the systems of Madrid agreement, Madrid protocol, etc.

(The time limited for an international trademark to designate to Vietnam is 06 months from the filing date).

The website is easy to use but it is not a smart way to use it as the only source to search for trademark. Therefore, it is advised that you should contact an IP law firm, which is one of the IP representatives to assist your trademark search.


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Trademark search in Vietnam using IPLib


To conduct a trademark search in Vietnam using IPLib of NOIP, following steps are suggested:

Step 1: Access IPLib at: or, and select “Trade Mark” on the leftside.

Step 2: Select Field Name and type the content into “Expression”.

For example, to search the trademark “HAVIP, device” which is one of the registered trademarks handled by HAVIP, type into “TM Name” with the expression “HAVIP” as below:



Since then, click “Submit” to find the information about the trademark.



Step 3: Click application number “4-2008-10773” to view details of the trademark:



From the above guidance, the searcher can conduct the same search with other trademarks containing “HAVIP” by typing *HAVIP* into “TM Name”. By doing this, the searchers can view about 6,000 results.

To optimize the search, the searcher can add more information into other fields such as: Nice Classification, Applicant, Goods and Services, and so on.

Trademark search using IPLIB

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